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Finding a niche

The suggestion out there is that as a new VA you pick a specific niche. I have a real problem with this!

Do I pick ANY one niche, and hope I end up enjoying it? Do I pick 3-5 tasks that I’ll offer to my clients? Or will I have a whole list of tasks I like to do and name it something? There are too many options and it becomes difficult to narrow it down.

Personally, I ask the client what issues they need resolved, decide to take it on or not, or even learn it and offer it! The problem with this is that it seems to be ‘wishy-washy’ : “What do you do?” “I don’t know, whatever you want me to do…”

I do NOT want to appear wishy-washy. I’ve considered to just write down my favorite tasks for a year, and then offer them to my clients. That way work is always fun! I may have to adjust what I’m doing for some clients now to match that. I like to learn new things all the time, so I could add 1-3 new tasks I’d like to learn and add them to my list….but these are all tasks I’m talking about, not a niche.

My issue is that I like to perform a lot of different tasks, but I think my business would do better if I picked a specific niche to focus on, and it certainly looks better if I don’t change my niche on a regular basis.

How about all you VA’s out there? How did you come to pick your niche? And are you still happy with it?

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