Niche hell or ‘Where did it go?’

Well then…this post was going to be about choosing your niche as a VA, and let me tell you, it was a great one, but then Poof! It was gone. No draft, no nothing.

So here I am trying to type another blogpost quickly, before it disappears, as I am typing on a new tablet. SAVE YOUR WORK as you go! And wear glasses if you need to, as it will SAVE YOU TIME.

That’s it for today…and tomorrow: My niche.


2 thoughts on “Niche hell or ‘Where did it go?’”

  1. Just found sa Setting in wordpress where it is by default supposed to Auto Save a draft ever 60 Seconds, so even if you olsot Internet, no more than 60 seconds of work is Lost..
    Yea Right

  2. Aww… Sorry to hear that Sachiko. I’ve been there too and it’s extremely frustrating. Now I “save” like there’s no tomorrow 🙂

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