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The pros and cons of being able to work from anywhere

Well, this 30 day blogging challenge is definitely a challenge for me!

First of all, I’ve taken on the bad habit of posting in the evening, on the fly…doesn’t leave much time when things go awry, does it? And those of you that have been reading my posts know this happens almost daily. So tomorrow, I intend to start writing the post early in the morning.

There are pros and cons to being able to work remotely…just this weekend, I am pet sitting in a little town in the Northern California foothills. Twenty inches of rain – give or take a few – are expected, and I am hunkered down, warm, and still with wifi….when my Mac decides to spontaneously shut down every 10 minutes or so. So much for deadlines. Or much work at all for that matter!

Since I am not one to give up too easily, I start downloading apps I need to get work done on a new Android tablet I got for Christmas and charge my phone in case I need to do the work on it.

All in all the tablet works, but now I discover I don’t have the correct passwords for the apps, and yada, yada, yada: not much gets done today!

Time management is definitely part of this problem too. I could have pre-loaded all the apps I needed, made sure I had all the needed passwords, and I could’ve stayed home to work. Just kidding!

Lastly – I had much less work the last few weeks from my clients, but all of a sudden, this very weekend, everyone needs something done. Yes, I understand. Yes, often I am willing, and I’ll likely do a little here and there, but frankly, managing my time also includes my limits on when I am available: It’s Friday night, there’s a giant wet storm rolling in, and I’m going to spend my time with the pets by the roaring fire, without guilt. Happy weekend all!


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  1. Julie

    I completely agree with you on this subject. I, too, need to start posting in the morning rather than the evenings. I’ve gotten into a very lazy schedule as I am home as well. Organization and time management are definitely key ingredients. 🙂

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