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Pulling Ideas Out of Your Hat

A big part of not knowing what to write about has to do with not being clear about who your audience is, and not having a clear idea of what direction you would like your blog to go in. For instance, a blog post about nutrition may have a similar audience as one about exercise (both health related), but I would be annoyed if I’m looking for a recipe and I get a post about how to do burpees correctly!

All kidding aside, topic and intention need to be clear.

One way to collect possible topics: I make notes on my phone when I get ideas for blog posts and I make lists in a notebook. I write for two blogs: my Order is Art blog is for my Virtual Assistant business, and Wherever I Lay My Head is my personal interest blog, so I can use pretty much any post idea in one of the two blogs.

So how do you get ideas?

  • Look Outside Your Window – depending on your audience you can come up with hundreds of topics outside your window (Why do Dachshunds like Dandelions? How long do ducks live and what do they eat? Different types of Clouds. How to raise chickens. An easy and quick way to plant a garden. How to grow blueberries. And on and on.)
  • Think About How You Go About Your Day – Are you efficient? Why? Why not? Do you waste time? Procrastinate? Any advice for others?
  • What Do You Do, or have you done, For Work – Do you like your work? Why or why not? What is your dream job? Why aren’t you doing that? Do you think you need more education?
  • Home Decorating or Home Improvement Skills – If you have any experience here you just opened up a goldmine of ideas!
  • Kids – Tips on Raising them in one piece? Psychology? Parenting. Sanity (yes, for kids too!).
  • Taking This 30 Day Blogging Challenge!

As you can see, endless types of topics: some you will have to use for a specific audience, but others you can gear towards your audience.

Please share with me your own tips on thinking up blog post topics!

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