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Scheduling Blog posts and Social Media

As you know I am in the Northern California Foothills while a storm is rolling in…and realize there is a real posssibility of power outages. Which leads to panic: what about my daily blogposts?


So I started researching Hootsuite and other apps, read up on the possibilities of scheduling in WordPress itself. It occurred to me this/is the only way to go! But which app? I will likely try to write some extra blog posts in the coming week to keep on the back burner, or ones I can build on and start with the built in WordPress options to schedule posts. Hootsuite sounds wonderful, but I’m just not ready for the cost at this point. Any of you out there have ideas about this?


In the meantime I have noticed I have gone completely off topic of the 30 Day Business Blogging Challenge…so yes Sarah, I read your post and did look up Mind mapping (both FreeMind and Coggle) and found them confusing – what does that say about my mind? Ha! Back to pen and paper and outlining. As you can tell, NOT used here!


All these ideas have seriously started milling around in my head and I will be doing more research about both the scheduling of posts, AND mindmapping/outlining in the coming week. Hopefully this will ensure me of having a stockpile of posts scheduled and material for those posts!


As always, grateful for your input!



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