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What is a Virtual Assistant?

So many times over the last few years people have asked me what a Virtual Assistant is/means/does…and there is not one answer. It is similar to saying you are a writer, or a teacher: “Really, what do you teach?” or “What kind of writer?”. So it goes with ‘Virtual Assisting’ ~ could be anything you want, really.


I happen to have experience working in a doctor’s office and a geotechnical engineering office (among many other office related experiences)…but that still doesn’t tell you what my services may look like.  I offer different skills that I enjoy or find necessary to complete my client’s work, and I’m a lifelong learner.


There are many descriptions to be found online of what being a Virtual Assistant entails (or could include):


DEFINITION of ‘Virtual Assistant’ ~ Investopedia


Virtual assistant (occupation)


101 Ways to Use a Virtual Assistant


My personal favorite job description is this: A virtual assistant is a location independent assistant to professionals who can take over administrative/creative/repetitive tasks that the client is willing to delegate, which frees up time for said client to focus on responsibilities they want or need to.


Hope this clears up the “What do you do” question a bit ~ talk to me here!





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